Click the video above to see how the Y’s Enhance®Fitness program helped Gale Hall accomplish the unimaginable.

After a surgery mishap, Gale Hall was told she would never walk again and has been wheelchair-bound ever since. That was before Gale discovered the South Tampa Family YMCA. That’s where she started Enhance®Fitness, a senior fitness and arthritis management program to improve endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. 

In addition to being designated by the CDC as a Falls Prevention Program, Enhance®Fitness has been proven to improve quality of life for seniors through low-impact exercise that energizes and empowers them to live independent lifestyles. The 16-week evidence-based program is provided at no cost to participants thanks to a federal grant, in partnership with BayCare Health System.

During the program, Gale accomplished the unimaginable. “Today we performed posttests and something spectacular happened. Gale stood without assistance,” shares Senior Wellness Director Nancy Belli. “This is the first time in five years that she is able to get out of a chair on her own and it’s her birthday!” 

Gale didn’t stop there. The program has given her the strength and confidence to take a few steps with a walker. Click here to see for yourself. “It has changed my life so much,” says Gale, who is back at the Y after a temporary program hiatus due to COVID-19. “She’s been here almost every day. She lost a little bit, but can still stand on her own with some rest in-between,” shares Nancy.

The Y’s goal is to improve the quality of life for 4,000 Tampa Bay seniors with Enhance®Fitness. Locally, it’s offered at the Bob Sierra, Campo, Central City, Plant City, South Tampa, Spurlino and East Pasco Ys. Contact a Y near you for more information.