Teens Learning to Lead

Who We Are
Since 1936, YMCA Youth In Government, or “YIG” for short, has given students around the country the opportunity to serve as part of a youth-run, youth-led model government process. The Florida YMCA Youth In Government program was founded in 1957, and for more than 59 years our delegates have been actively engaged with the issues that impact their families, schools, YMCAs, and communities.

Build Servant Leaders
The YMCA Youth In Government program, at all levels, is designed to help delegates understand that in order to lead, you must first learn how to serve others. This practice of servant leadership guides our program.

Prepare Engaged Citizens
Our model government process is designed to prepare students for a life of engaged and active citizenship built on the values of civil debate, statesmanship, and research-based policy solutions.

Chapters and Contact Information
North Brandon Y: Heather.Solomon@tampaymca.org
Plant City Y: Paul.Conley@tampaymca.org
South Tampa Y/Plant High School: Anne.Jeffrey@tampaymca.org