Strengthening the Community

Established in 2009, the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise (SSNOP) is a collaborative effort of residents, educators, service providers, government agencies, business leaders and funding partners who have joined together to implement a program in which Sulphur Springs continuously becomes a desirable community that offers a safe and nurturing environment with equitable access to resources ensuring the best possible quality of life. The goal is to create a culture that promotes a caring, nurturing and safe community and provide resources to help successful educate our children and revive our community.

The SSNOP approach is built upon four models:

  1. A Promise Neighborhood
  2. PK-8 Community Partnership School
  3. Economic Stability
  4. Community Revitalization

Sulphur Springs was recognized as a Florida Children's Initiative community in 2015. One of five in the state, Children's Initiatives fulfill the state's intent to assist disadvantaged areas by "creating a community-based service network that develops, coordinates, and provides quality educations, accessible health care, youth development programs, opportunities for employment, and safe and affordable housing for children and families living within its boundaries". [2018, The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida]