VA Whole Health Program

The Tampa YMCA and the VA have partnered to make healthy living programs accessible to veterans! Veterans who have been referred by their Whole Health coach at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital are eligible to attend the Y for 12 weeks and participate in recommended Y programs, including but not limited to:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Y Weight and Water Aerobics. 

We welcome our veterans to come to the Y as many times as they would like during their 12 weeks. After the first 12 weeks, veterans may ask their VA Whole Health coach to renew the 12-week pass only if they visited the Y a minimum of 19 times during their first 12 week pass. Veterans should be sure to scan in at the Welcome Center every time they visit the Y to eligible for a renewal pass! 

Referred Veterans Receive:

  • Free membership for 12 weeks
  • Unlimited access, visit the Y at least 19 times (scan in at each visit) 
  • Option to renew free membership (if requirements are met)

To learn more about Whole Health and how it can improve your health and well-being, ask your primary care provider for a consult or contact the Whole Health Service 813-972-2000 ext. 5725.

About the James A. Haley Live Whole Health Program

What is Whole Health? It is personalized, proactive and patient-driven care that is:

  • Centered around your values and goals
  • Prevention-focused
  • Self-guided

The Whole Health approach helps support veterans in their journey to explore their mission, goals and purpose in life. This can improve their overall physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Components of Proactive Health and Well-Being
The James A. Haley VA Whole Health program offers many options for well-being and complementary integrative health approaches. These are available through our Well Being Program and Whole Health Clinical Care.

The Pathway
Learn about this new approach to health care at the VA. Attend an hour-long Whole Health Orientation at the James A. Haley VA clinic to get started. Call 813-972-2000 ext. 5725 to make an appointment or visit one of these locations:

  • Brooksville CBOC
  • James A. Haley VA
  • Lakeland CBOC
  • Lecanto CBOC
  • New Port Richey OPC
  • Primary Care Annex
  • SoHi (Riverview) OPC
  • Zephyrhills CBOC

To learn more about Whole Health and how it can improve your health and well-being, ask your primary care provider for a consultation or contact the the James A. Haley Whole Health program 813-972-2000 ext. 5725.

VHA Mission

The VHA mission is to honor America’s veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being. 

VA leads the transformation of health care for our veterans and the Nation. 

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