Five Tampa Y swim team members in a swim lane, smiling, posing for a photo.

Tampa Y swimmers prepare for an upcoming swim meet.

Swimmers, coaches and centers are “taking their mark” as they dive into new and improved Tampa Y swim teams. This August the Developmental Swim Team will become the Y Swim League.  

The Y Swim League will be a beginner swim team program for swimmers to build upon basic techniques with top-notch coaches. During practice, Tampa Y swim coaches teach awareness of the body in and out of the water and streamlines starts and turns. As swimmers progress, they will learn how to be proficient in the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle strokes. The Y Swim League will be offered to children ages 5-17. 

Swimmers will attend regional swim meets and the end-of-season championships to gauge their progress and record their best swim times.

Alexis Mendenhall is a passionate swimmer and Director of Competitive and Y Swim Leagues for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. Alexis has been with the Tampa Y for 18 years and oversees the three competitive swim teams as well as the new Y Swim League. She is excited to announce the re-brand and restructured swim team plans. 

The new Y Swim League will also focus on preparing swimmers for the Y’s competitive swim team, the Stingrays. This new league will offer swimmers who have successfully completed swim lessons the chance to fine-tune their skills in preparation for competitive swimming. This league will offer swim meets and competitions similar to the competitive league, while focusing on skill building. Each Tampa Y location will host a Y Swim league, each with its own team name and color!  

“[The Tampa] Y Swim League will create a positive team environment for swimmers of various levels and abilities. [It’s] a great way to be part of a team, build confidence, improve skills, get physical activity, strive for goals and have a lot of fun,” shares Alexis.  

In addition to first-class coaches, 10 Tampa Y Family Centers have pools with lap swimming set up for members and swim teams. The New Tampa Family YMCA has an Olympic-size swimming pool–it is 50 meters long, 25 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Swim team members also have access to clean, functional locker rooms before and after practices and meets.  

We are excited for the future of this program and have worked to make some significant changes that will allow our swimmers to reach their fullest potential.  

More details and registration information will be posted soon and your child can start their memorable swim season!