Are You Ready...

to experience summer camp at the Tampa Y?

The best thing about summer is fun and friendship and the Tampa Y has everything you need for a safe and fun summer. There are some things to know before summer camp begins: Check out everything you should bring to camp, learn about the swim test, water safety and read Kevin’s story about his day at Tampa Y summer camp!

A Day in the Life of a Tampa Y Camper
“Today I got to the Y and got to have breakfast with my friends! We had Cinnamon Toast Crunch and that’s my favorite so it was a super awesome way to start my day.

After that, my friends and I head outside for our huddle time. This is where we get to play all sorts of fun games with our counselor so we can get to know all of our new friends in our group. Right from there we went right in to our Sports time and today we played Capture the Flag. My favorite part about it was that we always play Capture the Flag, but today we played with flag football belts. I thought that was so cool because it was so much easier to tell who was tagged or who was not. The game was fun and my best friend scored our winning point so my day was just getting better and better.

Next we went swimming and thank goodness because we were hot from our game of Capture the Flag. We swim tested earlier in the week so after going over our usual pool rules we were able to get right in the water and it felt so good! I love swim time. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

After swimming we worked on our group chant and changed out of our swim suits and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. It was make your own pizza day so we were all super excited for that. It took me a week or two but I have finally perfected my pizza making skills and I look forward to that lunch every week.

In the afternoon we had STEM and we made invisible ink!  It was so cool and I’m definitely going to remember how to do that so I can make it with my friends when they come over. We also had team building which was fun because I ended up making a new friend today, he’s starting my school next year.

Overall it was a really great day and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!”
-Kevin, age 8

What to Bring to Camp 

(and what to leave at home)

Bring these items to camp:

PLEASE MARK EVERY ITEM WITH YOUR NAME:  towels, bathing suits, sunscreen, shoes, etc.
• Backpack • Water Bottle • Snack(s) • Towel • Spray Sunscreen • Bug Spray • Cap/Visor • Comfortable Play Clothes • Swimsuit • Flip flops (flip flops can be packed into their backpack to change into during swim time)

Leave these at home:
Camp is a natural setting to retreat from technology and become more in touch with others and nature.

Please do not bring:
• Cell phones • Tablets • Electronic devices • Expensive items • Money • Medicine • Tobacco products • Weapons • Matches • Lighters • Illegal drugs • Fireworks • Bad attitudes

What to wear to camp
Camp is fun and sometimes fun means getting dirty. Wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers, shorts and comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Apply sunscreen before coming to camp and bring it with you to reapply.
•Sunscreen • Shorts (clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty) • Comfortable clothing • Closed-toe shoes/sneakers • Smile

What NOT to wear
Please stick to comfortable clothes and DO NOT wear:  halter tops,  jeans • black-colored clothing, expensive clothing, items that promote tobacco, alcohol, vulgar slogans, or innuendoes, dangle jewelry,  open-toed shoes or shoes with wheels (e.g. Heelys)