girl playing soccer with ymca coach

Kate has been playing soccer at the Plant City YMCA since September 2018. 

“One thing I really like is that Kate understands sports is more than just boys doing it,” Alissa Jergensen says of her daughter, who has been playing soccer at the Plant City Family YMCA for two years.

“My husband and I were both athletes. We love sports,” Alissa says. “Neither of us were soccer players but soccer is kind of the place where it starts. They learn how to handle a ball and how to move. It’s a good base for any sport you end up doing in the long run.”

Alissa says the coaches at the Y make the difference. “They definitely teach them positioning, where it’s not just them chasing after a ball, which is cute, but they definitely slow it down to where they understand why they should be in a certain part of the field,” says Alissa. “Another thing I like about what I’ve seen with Kate is that she’s super confident when she plays now. She used to be really timid and they definitely have let her be herself and have fun playing.” 

Alissa also couldn’t believe how affordable it was compared to other programs. “There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars. I almost feel like I’m ripping the Y off because we’re getting the best coaches,” she says. “It’s very age-appropriate and they’re learning. I’ve seen other kids at the park and Kate’s younger than all of them and she can actually dribble the ball and all that stuff other kids couldn’t do so I feel like we’re getting a really, really good value.” 

The Tampa Y is excited to welcome back families to a safe, clean and fun Youth Sports environment this fall. During these challenging times, the overall experience may be different but the Y remains committed to providing an exceptional sports program that will develop each child in spirit, mind and body—all while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Learn more and register for Youth Sports at your local Y. “Youth sports are super important because I think kids nowadays are spending way too much time on their phones and I noticed my kid is always the happiest after practice or after a game,” says Alissa.