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Thanks to a generous donation, the Tampa YMCA is upgrading its security system to enhance the membership experience, which includes secure access to high-tech security cameras via an app. 

The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA is in the midst of upgrading its security systems. 

“We received a generous donation to be used for cameras, and I was tasked with interviewing vendors and evaluating platforms to determine how best to leverage this donation,” says Nate Valentin, VP of Information Technology.

The cameras cover areas such as parking lots, pools, any childcare areas, workout centers, front desks and basketball courts. 

“Video is a great tool and it gives us the information we need to make good, informed decisions. We also saw video and our overall security system as a way to enhance our members’ experience and to increase member engagement,” Nate says.

Michael Hawking, Director, Quality Assurance & Risk Management says the new camera system is another tool we use to keep our members and staff safe. “The primary purpose of the video surveillance system is to aid in the investigation of incidents on the Y property,” says Michael. “Hopefully, the cameras are a deterrent for crimes but if a crime does occur we would fully cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation. The camera system may also be used to assist in the investigation of certain types of occupational health and safety concerns.”

Another phase of the project will upgrade fire and intrusion systems monitored by Redwire, the security company implementing the project. “If there’s any silver lining to the current pandemic, Redwire’s excellent work enabled us to get all the camera systems installed while we were closed down and before we opened summer camps,” says Nate. “I hope the donor feels like we were good stewards of their generosity.” 

Many thanks to the generous longtime Y supporter who invested in this innovative project to enhance the overall experience at the Y!